Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher has been taking photographs for over 35 years. He originally trained as a fine artist and then turned his hand to Photography and found an instant passion for the captured image.

He spent 10 years of his life mainly shooting advertising and editorial in South Africa before moving to the UK. He spent 4 years working as a creative consultant in the fashion, beauty and hair industry  and then he turned his hand to fine art photography.

At the age of 30 Mike also trained as a counsellor and group facilitator and flits between these two world in recent years he has turned his hand to wild life photography and spend a lot of time working alongside Marina Cano travelling and taking picture.

Mike teaches photography as well as post production techniques and loves the grunge effect. If you are interested in learning new post production techniques let Mike Know he loves to teach and work along side passionate photographers. For assignments and commissioned work why not give him a shout and see whats on offer.

My Recent Work